Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yeah. That happened. I was innocently trying to needle tat with a needle that hasn't gotten too much use. And it snapped. There wasn't even very much tension. This makes me sad... And it's too awkward to tat with now. :(

In other news. I tatted a little butterfly. This is my first project done with split rings. They aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Just time consuming and easy to mess up. I just winged it. Speaking of wings, they're needle tatted, whereas the body is shuttle tatted with a darning needle.

Successfully Winged

Isn't it so nice to just make up a project out of the blue and have it work out? It seems to happen rarely to me. I'll think up a project that might be fun and it turns out catastrophically. Recently I purchased several fabrics (one yard each) because I had a super awesome idea in mind. Long story short, there isn't much that one can do with a single yard of fabric. So I've had some random floral fabric lying around.

If you've been reading my latest posts, you'd know that I'm working on perfecting my crochet skills. Crochet and I have a long history together. From a young age, I've had the strong urge to create. I had always liked to visit the craft area of Walmart with my grandma and I suppose one day the meager crochet area caught my eye. My grandma got me a crochet hook and a little pamphlet (which didn't actually help anything, so she ended up showing me how to do it). So at around 6, I began my crocheting journey. Not knowing how to read patterns, and not being all that committed, I've ended up with a sporadic amount of crochet hooks, strewn everywhere. The sizes are completely random and I even have multiples of a few of them.

The point! I've subscribed to a lot of crocheting blogs. And there are a lot of crochet hook holders. So I decided to make my own. Here it is!

Yay! This makes me really proud because 1. It's completely my own creation and 2. There's nothing I'd do differently. No mistakes. The ribbons are secure. The pockets are well sized. There are like twice as many as I show in the picture. I just have a pathetic collection of crochet hooks. Sewing is usually not something I'm good at, but I'm happy with this!

Polymer clay time! These are bracelets inspired by a picture I saw when I was browsing Google pictures. Actually, inspired isn't the word. I basically copied them and gave it my own lazy twist.

I actually found the picture. Their bracelets are lot neater.

How in the world did they get it so neat?!

Last thing. I've been trying to up my skills a bit more with polymer clay so that maybe, just maybe, I can have something to show for at the Redlands Art Association. This is a snake on a branch.

What do you think?



Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crochet: 2 doilies down. 16 to go!!

I finished the Pineapple Patch doily! Woo hoo! In the beginning I was having a hard time reading the pattern and I was thinking that mint green might not be a good color for a doily. But I finished and it looks pretty good! The color suits it.

Like the first doily, I didn't do the last row. For some reason I don't find the edges to be that elegant. So I left it looking spiderweb-y. All elegant and such. I did have to re-crochet and entire row in the middle because I'm still learning how to read crochet patterns! It's hard! *cries* Not bad for my second crochet doily ever. And the popcorns in the middle are really cute. Took me about 2 days.

The third doily is not looking that cute at all. I had to recrochet a row about 3 times, again due to my own error. It just looks messy. I have a feeling it gets sort of stretched out and hopefully it'll look better later on. It's a really fast pattern. 

I guess the other doilies were all weird too before I blocked them. This one is called Sunflower Bloom and I'm using baby pink thread. 

Oh and here's how I'm storing my doilies. Hopefully there will be 18 in here at some point! 

It's a scrapbook paper box thing. My mom got me a set of them for Christmas. But they've been empty because I don't scrapbook! Pshh.

The end! Thank you for reading. :) 

Friday, May 25, 2012

More Polymer Clay, and some CROCHET!

First the polymer clay stuff. I've been trying to play with texture and pattern. So although some of this stuff isn't beautiful, it's an accomplishment in one way or another.

I really like the way the marbling came out.


 Some more sea life. I made a mold of the first clown fish I made, so now I have lots of clown fish for some reason.... The eggs are oldddd. I made them before Easter on real blown out chicken eggs. Little tiny donuts. And the last one is just a picture of a sheet of clay I did. I'm working on marbling techniques. It's getting better!

Now, I've been living here for a while, but I've never shown my craft area. Actually it isn't my craft "area". It's just where I store my stuff. The tubs are really nicely sized. I got them for a dollar each at Target. Also this is my tatting thread collection. It looks like hardly anything. That surprised me. I counted and there are 54 different threads in there. Not too too bad. How much thread do you have?

 A few days ago I got this book called Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies. There's no individual author, but it's by Leisure Arts. It has 18 crochet doilies. If you'll recall any of my last posts referring to crocheting, crochet and I have a love/hate relationship. None of my projects end up looking like the picture and I can't read a pattern for the life of me. BUT if you are familiar with the coupon policy at Joann, coupons apply to books (usually very expensive). I decided to go ahead and get a crochet book and wing it. I concentrated really really reaaaalllyyyy hard, and I did it! Success!

I didn't do the last row because I started it and it looked ugly. It looks a tad different, but, hey, not bad for my first doily.

So this is my challenge to myself. I'm going to crochet every doily in this book. The first one (called Park Avenue) only took me about 2 days, so my challenge seems plausible.

I've started on the second doily (called Pineapple Patch).

And, yay! This one is looking EXACTLY like the picture. And I'm halfway done, even though it doesn't look like it.

I have a little bit of a selfish reason behind wanting to do all these doilies. I'm going to put them away and not show anyone, and give them out as gifts for birthdays and Christmas and stuff. That way I've got something spectacular prepared without having to do a whole bunch of work right before whatever event it is.

Okay, okay, I'm done blabbing about nothing.

Do you have any advice regarding crocheting? Or any ways you see I could improve?

Thank you for reading! <3

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Polymer clay earrings... and sea life?

I didn't think I'd be posting again this weekend, but yesterday I remembered that I have a grandma and aunt. So obviously I should have something for them for Mother's Day. I was feeling creative, so these are what I came up with.

These I made for my aunt. She really likes sunflowers. I couldn't figure out how to texture the middle so I just poked a bunch of little holes. The purple flower ones turned out really nice. I shaped the marble-esque things out of an ugly clay that I couldn't use, stuck in the wire so that I could put eye pins later on, then did all the detail work after baking, finishing with glaze (which, shortly after, spilled everywhere. Good thing I'm going to JoAnn later!)

By the way, Joann is having a pattern sale today. Buttericks, Vogue, and McCalls are all on sale. I've been planning this trip for a while. All the coupons I've been collecting meet up today!

This picture is shockingly bad. I keep looking at the pin for all those itty bitty bubbles and can hardly see anything. The camera just picks them up a lot! This is a pin for my grandma. Made the same way as the purple dangle earrings.

Now these are some earrings I was just fooling around with. I had seen some pictures on Sculpey that were inspiring. I don't use Sculpey, but they sure have a lot of resources.


 This last thing is incredibly random. As I mentioned in my last post, I frequent polymer clay videos on YouTube. And recently I've been seeing a lot of cutesy octopuses. I wanted to do something like that, but didn't want to be just like everyone else, so I made a squid instead! It has two eye pins (maybe that isn't the name) on the opposite side for a necklace. I doubt it will ever make it to necklace form as it isn't the type of thing I usually wear. It turned out really cute though, I think! Yeehaw.



Saturday, May 12, 2012

Earrings! Minis! Other stuff!

Just an update of what I've been up to craft-wise. I'm trying to refine my skills and work not just to complete a project, but to be better the next time. So, although I don't have too much to show for, I'm happy with what I've done.

Tatting related:

A pendant for my aunt. It's lime green thread by Lizbeth with a thread of silver with it. Also there are some little beads in the middle. I'm not tooootally happy with it, but she liked it.

This I am happy with! A pair of earrings for my mom for Mother's Day. They turned out pretty nice. I hope she'll like them. She won't really wear anything I give her unless she honestly likes it. Unlike moms who will to make their kids happy. *cries* Joking of course!

The thread is by Lizbeth, with 6 little clear blue beads on each motif. The pattern is like many out there: a simple circle of rings. Stainless steel earwires of course! I'm skeptical of anything else. 

Now for some miniatures. Crafty people on YouTube tend to be extraordinarily inspiring. After admiring all the tutorials on little polymer clay things, I decided I wanted in on the action. I'm not very good yet, but I have the main idea. You might notice by terrible texturing in the cake and dinner rolls, I lost my usual texturing tool! AGH..

Also, my pizza looks like it's topped with vomit. My "cheese" turned out to be sparkly gold.. Woops.

I've been trying to make some miniature things. That isn't going too well, but I'm trying! I made a little bed with a mattress and crochet blanket. The pillows have actual pillow cases. Just like real pillows! I need to find a source of materials is all. Tiny wood is hard to come by. Oh and that's law and order in the background.. I recently got Netflix, and let's just say I've watched over 70 episodes....

Lastly, I've been painting a lot. I realized a while ago that I might not be able to recreate photographs, so I gave up. But I realize now that that doesn't mean I can't paint at all. The whimsical stuff turns out pretty nice! Fish are my favorite.

That's my first real effort. Can only get better, right?

I hope you liked this little update.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the moms, grandmas, sisters, daughters, and aunts!