Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crochet: 2 doilies down. 16 to go!!

I finished the Pineapple Patch doily! Woo hoo! In the beginning I was having a hard time reading the pattern and I was thinking that mint green might not be a good color for a doily. But I finished and it looks pretty good! The color suits it.

Like the first doily, I didn't do the last row. For some reason I don't find the edges to be that elegant. So I left it looking spiderweb-y. All elegant and such. I did have to re-crochet and entire row in the middle because I'm still learning how to read crochet patterns! It's hard! *cries* Not bad for my second crochet doily ever. And the popcorns in the middle are really cute. Took me about 2 days.

The third doily is not looking that cute at all. I had to recrochet a row about 3 times, again due to my own error. It just looks messy. I have a feeling it gets sort of stretched out and hopefully it'll look better later on. It's a really fast pattern. 

I guess the other doilies were all weird too before I blocked them. This one is called Sunflower Bloom and I'm using baby pink thread. 

Oh and here's how I'm storing my doilies. Hopefully there will be 18 in here at some point! 

It's a scrapbook paper box thing. My mom got me a set of them for Christmas. But they've been empty because I don't scrapbook! Pshh.

The end! Thank you for reading. :) 


  1. Such lovely crochet work! I'm not much of a crochet person =/ you're making me re-think that!

    What box is that by the way?

  2. And you claim you can't crochet tsk.... tsk....
    pretty doilies Anika