Saturday, May 12, 2012

Earrings! Minis! Other stuff!

Just an update of what I've been up to craft-wise. I'm trying to refine my skills and work not just to complete a project, but to be better the next time. So, although I don't have too much to show for, I'm happy with what I've done.

Tatting related:

A pendant for my aunt. It's lime green thread by Lizbeth with a thread of silver with it. Also there are some little beads in the middle. I'm not tooootally happy with it, but she liked it.

This I am happy with! A pair of earrings for my mom for Mother's Day. They turned out pretty nice. I hope she'll like them. She won't really wear anything I give her unless she honestly likes it. Unlike moms who will to make their kids happy. *cries* Joking of course!

The thread is by Lizbeth, with 6 little clear blue beads on each motif. The pattern is like many out there: a simple circle of rings. Stainless steel earwires of course! I'm skeptical of anything else. 

Now for some miniatures. Crafty people on YouTube tend to be extraordinarily inspiring. After admiring all the tutorials on little polymer clay things, I decided I wanted in on the action. I'm not very good yet, but I have the main idea. You might notice by terrible texturing in the cake and dinner rolls, I lost my usual texturing tool! AGH..

Also, my pizza looks like it's topped with vomit. My "cheese" turned out to be sparkly gold.. Woops.

I've been trying to make some miniature things. That isn't going too well, but I'm trying! I made a little bed with a mattress and crochet blanket. The pillows have actual pillow cases. Just like real pillows! I need to find a source of materials is all. Tiny wood is hard to come by. Oh and that's law and order in the background.. I recently got Netflix, and let's just say I've watched over 70 episodes....

Lastly, I've been painting a lot. I realized a while ago that I might not be able to recreate photographs, so I gave up. But I realize now that that doesn't mean I can't paint at all. The whimsical stuff turns out pretty nice! Fish are my favorite.

That's my first real effort. Can only get better, right?

I hope you liked this little update.

Happy Mother's Day weekend to all the moms, grandmas, sisters, daughters, and aunts!



  1. Nice to see you posting again!
    Love your whimsical painting. One of my art workshop teachers used to say," if you want it to look like a photo, take a picture. If you want to paint it, paint with your heart." I liked hearing that, because I can't paint photorealism either. lol
    The earrings are very pretty, and I'm sure your Mom will love them. But if she doesn't, you still have my address, right?...LOL!

  2. Very pretty earrings and pendant!! :)