Friday, June 15, 2012

Bikini, Thread, Tiny Houses, and Hopeless Love.

I was going through my things and found a ton of thread that I had prepared to dye. Mostly size 10. I never really kept any size 10 HDT because I didn't use it. Now that I've been crocheting, I decided it might be nice to dye some of the 10.

I was trying to use unconventional colors, textures, or patterns. The dyes weren't new. They were some vintage dyes that my mom found. They aren't as vivid as new stuff. But I like how they came out.

In crochet news, I finished my bikini top. It fits really nicely, I just don't know how it would hold up in water. That's to be determined.

I did the strap a little too long, but thankfully it can pretty much hook anywhere. The bottom is still a work in progress as I got bored of it. Rows and rows and rows of pink.... It's driving me crazy. Almost done though!

Polymer clay news:

Itty bitty house. It took a really long time. I didn't quite get the roof right. Still cute.

It looks like there's a ton of lint on it in the photo. I don't know why.

Some shuttles that are re-blinged. I had a bad painting day a while back and they turned out looking weird. So I stripped the paint and redid them.

I like how the swirls came out. Not a big fan of the glitter. Next time will be better I hope.

Lastly, this is something that confused me. If you've gone to several garage sales or thrift shops, you've seen the ugly knitted or crocheted blankets from the 80s. They aren't something that a sane person would buy. A few days ago I was looking around in a Christian thrift shop and a knitted mess caught my eye. It's the type of thing you ignore and figure no one is going to buy. I touched it and it was surprisingly nice and soft and lovely. The colors aren't too bad. And not even that old. Made within the past couple years by what I think was a knitting machine. The kind that I have (and still takes hours to make anything). I'm guessing the workers didn't think highly of it as it cost $1. Not bad. I took it home and asked my grandma how to wash it. My fears were relieved when it came out of the dryer in perfect condition (I've never washed anything knitted or crocheted). Voila!
Pretty good. And the weird colors grew on me. That was my tale of finding love in a... hopeless place? Rihanna?


  1. That knitted throw will keep you comfy warm on cold nights.
    I like the soft and subtle tones of your died thread. Happy crocheting. Nice bikini top--is it lined? A lining would help it keep its shape once it gets wet.......
    I like the swirls on your shuttles, too.

  2. lovely lovely work!

    so taken in by everything!

  3. Your hand-dyed threads look wonderful. I really like the subtle tones. I agree with Suztats' suggestion of lining the bikini top. Yarn seems to grow instantly when it gets wet!

    Your blinged shuttles look fantastic! ... and I love your polymer clay house. Keep those creative juices flowing!

  4. Your hand dyed threads look lovely and they are unique to you. Your shuttles are different and again unique to you at least you have something different to everyone else.