Monday, June 4, 2012

Failed crochet, lovely doily, and itsy bitsy bikini

My third doily of the crochet doily book didn't go so well. I didn't do the middle ring tight enough, so it just looked weird. And I made a few mistakes too. So I just cut it and now it's a little, strange looking doily. I might just skip to a different doily, but I do plan on going back to this one at some point, when I have a fresher, more experienced mind. 

See how lovely it was supposed to be? SIGH... 

My snowflake turned out to be a star since I made the middle rings way too big. 

It was supposed to have 6 points, but that's okay. My block tatting is so MESSY. How do I make it look neater? :( This little star was also the victim of my Worst Thread Adding Ever. What an honor! Silly me, I ran out of thread before a ring, and thus had to add thread in the middle of a chain. It went horribly wrong. Poor star. 

This, however, is turning out awesome! 

I'm attempting a doily after hardly tatting for months, and it's going well. I think it's that this is just a wonderful doily. Really, I can't describe how much I like it. It's so simple and elegant. One of my first doilies was made with this pattern. 

Here's a pic:

It was done in size 10 and I was really proud of myself. 

So I'm doing this doily again in size 20. Alternating Lizbeth baby pink and ecru (I don't know if those are actually the names). I'm surprised at how tiny it is. I'm on the second to last row. It's looking really nice and neat. I see it possibly going into the county fair this year. Oh and those little threads are already sewn in, but I figured I'd leave a little bit to pull on while blocking it, just in case it came loose while still tatting. 

Another project I have going right now is a BIKINIIII! WOO! I've never done any clothing for myself. It was inspired by crocheting blogs. The one I'm doing is pretty simple. There's no pattern or anything. The yarn looks orange almost on here, but it's hot pink. HOT, Barbie pink. My favorite! 

Lastly, some scrap clay creations: 


  1. When I did that "snowflake" I did only 5 points too. I think it looks better with just 5 points anyway. I think your block tatting looks good just the way it is.

  2. You've inspired me to pick up my crochet hooks again! I've had 3 failed starts with Patricia Kristoffersen doilies, so I switched to a charted Japanese book. I had to re-start that one also, but I'm now about 2/3 finished. I also decided to work on the star afghan my granddaughter asked for last year. It's almost finished, but I'm bored with it.

    I think your star looks fabulous! I haven't even tried block tatting yet, and I've been tatting for 20 years. Good for you!

  3. I LOVE your occasional doily, both of them! The combination of pink and ecru is not one that would have occurred to me but it's lovely!

  4. many pretty things you are working on! Love the occasional doily, the bikini looks fun too!

  5. It's good to have a variety of crafts to work on -- never get bored that way!
    One thing you might try to get your crochet doily center small is not doing a joined chain to start. I don't even do a slip knot. Just wind the thread in a circle around your fingers two or three times (leave a long tail) and crochet the first round stitches into that circle. When done with the first row pull slowly on the tail and the loops around your fingers will close up as small as you like. Then you just have to secure that tail the same way you would any other loose thread. I hope that makes sense -- it works for me!