Monday, June 25, 2012

Needle Tatting. Bee Happy.

I worked on some needle tatting yesterday. What do you think? The motifs aren't finished (threads hidden, blocked, starched, etc.). I think they turned out pretty nice and neat. I used size 80 for both of them, with the smallest tatting needle. They don't look that tiny though. Well, maybe they do and I'm just used to size 80. They seem more like 50 to me. 

Needle tatting is actually pretty nice. It's more enjoyable than shuttle tatting in some aspects. There's no winding and unwinding. It's very easy to un-tat, even if it's already off the needle. It's pleasant. Not for big pieces though. And not for pieces involving lots of chains. The chains tend to be loose and you have to add thread a lottt. So, the shuttle is definitely good for a lot. Maybe the needle and the shuttle can live happily together? 

Fin. :) 


  1. Why is it more 'enjoyable' than shuttle tatting? I'm intrigued as using a shuttle is SO very relaxing. No needles sticking out and it gives a tighter, lacier result. Also you get to 'acquire' lots of pretty shuttles!!!

  2. As a needle tatter, I agree! lol
    I think, though, that a finer, tighter tat results with the shuttle. Perhaps your chains are loose just because you're'new' to the needle? I know I have to really pull mine firmly.
    I also like the fact that I don't have any thread prep to do beforehand(like winding) but it all comes down to which you find most comfortable, I guess. For me, I only know how to needle tat. :-0