Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cro-Tat! Puppy Puppy!

What's up with that picture?

That's what.

The other day, I happened upon a tube filled with crochet hooks in a thrift store. In retrospect, I should have checked that the hooks were different sizes, but I figured that whoever owned it before wouldn't keep doubles, right? I didn't know what size hooks I had at home either, so it was a gamble. I came home and checked. Not only were there four of the same size, but it was a hook that I already had!

Sorta funny. It's the size hook that I use with size 10 thread. So that's okay. I probably should have a couple of those size hooks anyway.

This is crotat (cro tat, cro-tat?)!! I'd heard of it before but never really knew what it was. I figured it wasn't practical enough to learn about. Then, in one of those itty bitty crochet magazines, I happened upon a cro-tat pattern. It looked so do-able! I got out a crochet hook and tried. Hmm.. Couldn't get the stitches over the hook. Maybe cro-tat hooks are smaller than the barrel? I looked at the pictures. That wasn't the case. So I tried again. You have to do the stitches sort of loose and then carefully slide them over the hook. Easy!

Oh and you have to know how to needle tat, so it's more like Cro-(needle)tat. You can't really use a regular crochet hook, either. You see, the barrel has to be completely uniform. Most crochet hooks have a wide, flat part with the label and info on them. I got an afghan hook (totally uniform) and it works wonderfully! The only thing is that afghan hooks run large, so you have to be working with yarn. But a lot of the cro-tat patterns I've seen are for clothes. Maybe it works out well after all.

This was my first time playing around with the hook. I made a necklace for my new doggy.


She's totally awesome. I could brag for a while, but that might be annoying. Let's just say she's a good dog. I don't find myself hating her very much, like most puppies tend to make you.

I know. I knowww. That's obviously a pit bull. What's that? Pit bulls rip people's faces off? Well, most pit bulls don't. Seriously. There are over 5 million registered pit bulls in the US. There are maybe 35 (tops) fatal attacks a year by dogs. Pitbulls account for %30. The chances of a pit bull attacking someone are pretty close to one in a million. I know attacking and killing are different things, but pit bulls are good at what they do. ..haha?

I said all that stuff because I had to do a whole lot of research and convincing when I brought her home. Everyone thinks she's a good dog. But, still, every time she nips someone (rarely, for a puppy, actually) it's the pit bull coming out in her! AGH! Quick! Where's the shotgun?! I find it all funny. She's sweet. Eventually they'll see the great sort of dog she'll grow into.

Last. After my rant type thing^ Sorry. I redid the doughnut bracelet. Now it's a necklace! Woop woop.

I had given the bracelet as a gift and it ended up breaking (the chain was stupid). So they gave it to me to re-do. I put the polymer clay donuts on a necklace and voila! Cute!

Fin. And happy Fourth of July!

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  1. What a pity they are all the same size, would have been nice to have different colours and sizes.

    Your puppy looks lovely, I am sure we will hear more about her, not all dogs bite it also depends how people look after them and treat them, makes them attack and bite, half the attacks on people / children are because if what they are doing to the dog.

    Happy independence day, have a nice day as you say