Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Books! Yeehaw!

My tatting has been lacking lately. Not enough inspiration. So I went on eBay to do some book hunting. I found three sets of three and bid on each. Two of them I won. The seller was sooooo completely nice and included 5 more! YAYY!. And none of them are duplicates of any I have. Two of them have that "Tatting and Crochet Braid" picture on them however. 

SOO excited to put them to good use!

There's adorable Delilah! Sleeping in her awkward position, surrounded by the mess she's made. Oh and she ruined my favorite chap stick ever. She learned how to jump on the bed and now frequents my night stand. She's getting heavy too, about 24 pounds now and only 2 months, 3 weeks old. This is going to be a BIG dog!

More pictures next time! I've been working on some itty bitty things. ^_^

Have a nice day!


  1. Your pup only chewed your chapstick, I need a new sewing machine, my pup chewed the cord from my sewing machine to the foot peddle... I can't sew at all, we tried to fix it, but it just doesn't work. Little butt head...... good thing he is cute and lovable, and has those huge huge cartoon eyes.....

  2. Those are some great books! I have some but will be interested to see more from the others!

  3. They have got some great books, and I think he's at home and sleeping within a mess is far better than the basket

  4. That picture of Delilah made me laugh out loud, thanks for sharing it.

  5. You bought some great tatting books on eBay. Delilah is a beautiful dog. I love her coloring. She stole your Chapstick because she wants soft lips too. I bet she gives you lots of love and kisses, and you give her lots of petting and love and kisses in return.