Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thriftiness, Huge Doily, and Messy Sheet Music

Some stuff that I've thrifted lately. The handkerchiefs, doilies, and napkins were all $.25 each. The thread was $.25 for the brand new rayon ball and $.75 for the baggy with the random balls in it. The books were $.50 each and for some reason they're upside down. They're mostly cross stitch and a couple crochet. The last picture is of pillow cases. I got the idea to turn them into handkerchiefs because I found out that my serger is really good at this:

That's the edge of a skirt I'm making for my aunt. The edge looks so nice and neat! I'll take a picture when the skirt is done. It's covered in glitter at the moment. I need to figure out how to get it off.

The last couple days I've had a reallyyyy bad toothache. So instead of doing much crafting, I've been cleaning. This is what my sheet music mess looked like:

Lots of wrappers for some reason (This area is located near the spot in my room where my brother keeps things). Random books. It's hard to keep loose sheet music organized and I had had enough of it. So alllll this was actually able to end up looking like this with the help of a hole puncher:

There are two cello and violin sections because some sheet music I like more than others. My absolute favorite is the unaccompanied cello solo.

This bookmark took forever for some reason, and it looks messy.

The threads aren't hidden and it isn't blocked. Not well enough for that yet. This was shuttle tatted in size 30. A tealish color thread that I dyed myself.

Last, this is pretty fun. I'm crochet a doily with yarn. So it'll turn out really big. I think my stitches are nice. And I LOOOOVE popcorn stitches. They're so fun!

It measures probably almost 2 feet across. It'll look so nice after I block it. Probably another foot to go though... Hmmm. Back to work!


  1. Love the giant doily...that looks like fun!

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    1. Sorry about that, blogger went all funky and posted my comment twice! Your thrifted finds are great's so fun to find things like that!

  3. Well done on your finds, great thread, and well done on sorting your music out,

    I like your bookmark lovely colour. And your doily looks lovely I look forward to seeing it finished.