Tuesday, December 11, 2012

3-D Flower Earring Pattern and Golden Star Earring Pattern Pattern

Two new patterns today. Maybe one doesn't count as a pattern as it heavily relies on beads. But it looks AWESOME.

The first is a 3-D flower. It uses a jump ring in the middle. Each ring is 4-4 DS and each chain is has 7 picots separated by 2DS. There are two layers, each 4 rings and chains. So you go around and do the first row (both are the same) joining to the jump ring as you would a picot. Tie off and hide threads, then do an identical row with each ring between two rings of the first row. I used two different colors but they look too similar. I'm working on a pair with contrasting colors right now. These are very fast and neat looking. I starched them flat then carefully lifted the petals of the top row while still wet to give it volume. The earring wire would be attached to the middle picot of one of the back chains.

Remember how I said I was in love my (now called) Egyptian flower pattern? No longer. THIS one definitely owns my heart. It cannot be done without the bugle beads, but they work up so quickly and beautifully. Just make sure they all have the same length. One of my stars got wonky because I didn't check. I used a gold plated jump ring in the middle. I forgot the DS at the beginning of each chain, so I added it to the pattern. If you were wondering, this pattern uses 10 bugle beads and 50 seed beads. So worth the counting!
(guess I didn't write the pattern. Each ring is 5+5 DS. The chains are 1 DS beads 1 DS beads 1 DS.) 

Some more Egyptian flower earrings in different shades. I still like the ecru the best. 

Love that chocolate brown! I dyed it a while ago. The sad thing with earrings though is that they have to be quite light unless you're tatting for someone with blonde hair. 

My collection of gift earrings so far. I don't know which are going to who, so that will be decided later. I'm just going to tat up a storm of things that I like. Quotas are never any fun. 

Hmm. Not as many as I thought I had. I'll have to get working on that. And note to future self: DO NOT start Christmas tatting in December if tatting will be the main gifts.


  1. You have been on a 'roll' lately, and have come up with some clever designs, using jump rings, beads, bugle beads and doodads! Nice to see you blogging and tatting again! I'm glad you're still excited about tatting and can show your friends how 'cool' it is!

  2. Having blonde hair, the lovely gold pair first on the page will show up with anyone with blonde hair, I have not seen this type of tatting before, I must find out more with the bungle beads.
    Very pretty and lovely tatting, I am sure whoever you give them to will love them

  3. They are all lovely! I especially love the star!

  4. Coming along with the patterns very nicely! Love the stars, but all the earrings are nice.

  5. Lovely work, I really like your earrings!