Friday, December 7, 2012

Earrings and Button Snowflake Pattern

I ordered some thread from Handy Hands. Beautiful stuff! Only size 80 as that's my favorite these days. Then I realized I can't tat jewelry with it because it's so fine. No problem. 
A few of these Majestic threads. The colors are interesting. Not sure what I was thinking.

The rest are Lizbeth. I didn't want to take them out of the wrappers, so I just took an up close and cropped. 


Country Side

Niagara Falls

Sea Scape

Autumn Spice

Summer Fun

Turquoise Twist

Denim Whisper

Girly Girl

The pictures don't do the threads any justice. 

I made up a little earring doodle. 

Has to be starched, but with a little bit, it sticks really well. 

And I tatted around a button for the first time. Very enjoyable! I just need to get some better buttons. Joann is probably the place to go. Unsurprisingly, they have a very limited collection of buttons at Walmart.  

1/2" button and size 30 thread. 

This is the beginning of a pattern from a little motif in the Handy Hands newsletter. I didn't go on because I had to add a repeat to make it work for me. The original pattern calls for 4 repeats.

Size 80 Summer Fun. Looks like a snow flake! 

Now, to tat some more button snowflakes as gifts! More frilly though. 


  1. I have some of those colours the threads are lovely and the colours are better in the real. I hope you enjoy tatting with them.
    Lovely button and little snowflake.

  2. You have some wonderful new colors to play with! I like your little earring. Wouldn't it make an adorable ornament for a small Christmas tree? I found a bag of buttons for $4.99 at JoAnn's a while back. I've been sharing them with people, and I still have more than I can possibly use. I'm thinking of making some button snowflakes also... after I make a bigger dent in my doodad stash!

  3. Your earring is lovely!

    I LOVE those majestic threads. I saw them at IOLI this summer and fell in love, bought a LOT!! Rich, gorgeous colors!

  4. Nice threads. I really like your snowflake, and those earrings are cute!

  5. Thank you for your earring pattern. Mentioned your blog on my Facebook page.

  6. same here i love those earrings...i too bought some of handyhands lizbeth threads..the colors r great...specially the multicolored ones..

  7. amiga mil gracias x compartir y enseƱarnos todo (y)

  8. mil gracias x.compartir amiga todo divinas (y)