Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It worked!

I tried the camera again today and it actually worked. I'm still not sure of what happened yesterday. Maybe I'm just crazy and thought I was taking pictures. Who knows?

I've been obsessed with fine thread lately. It just looks so delicate and lovely. Not sure where these motifs are from. If you would like to do them, let me know and I'll find the book title. The yellow motif was supposed to have 5 repeats, but, as you can see, 4 fit much better. These were both very pleasant motifs. Low-stress.

(Excuse my background. It's an old, beat up work table.) 

Wow, it looks so tiny next to the quarter. In the mood for fine thread, I pulled out my sewing thread (bought specifically for lace) for the first time. Is this about size 100? The motif I was going to do wasn't a very good pattern for this thread, so I stopped. I think my brother got into my thread. Why is the top all poked in?? 

I found a whole bunch of size 80 at a thrift store for around 60 cents for the lot. 

Even though I haven't been posting, I've been reading blogs religiously! I noticed the doodad trend and decided to get in on it. These aren't proper doodads, but they have holes. I ordered a lot of different ones.

Those wooden ones are interesting. They were also quite expensive. I'll need to do something special with them. Hm...

Tatting in holes made me curious and came up with something I thought was brilliant: 

Jump rings instead of picots. 

 It gives such a sleek, crisp look. What do you think? I'm going to work on some jewelry with this idea today. I'll show you what I come up with!

I got Delilah to pose for me again! Such a pretty girl. The photo doesn't really show how big she is. She's about 55 pounds and not even 9 months old. (Excuse the floor. It's being redone.) She's such a good girl! And soooo sweet. Sure, she's a little scary looking, and, well, her bark is terrifying, but she's sweet as could be. And such good manners! I can't believe this was the 15 pound puppy terrified of stairs just 7 months ago. Fearless and humble. My Delilah!

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  1. Love the jump rings...and love that old leather I think that's prettier then new