Friday, January 11, 2013

Shuttles and crochet.

These have been hanging from my ears like every day for weeks. A long time ago, I just crocheted random flowers and things from my mind. Two or three weeks ago, I decided to clean out that box and almost threw these away. But I decided to starch them. They sat on my desk for a few days and I thought "SEQUINS!". Sewed a neat circle of opalescent sequins in the middle. Voila! Every day. They're so pretty. And they keep their shape surprisingly well with no stiffener. Now if only I could remember what exactly I did.....

Speaking of crochet, while I was bored last week, I decided to crochet some miniatures.

They're plain, but I had the idea of adding tatting to them. I just need to felt them first. They're made of fishermen's wool. While making these, I realized just how much I ruined making socks for myself. Even crocheting teeny tiny ones, made my mind go antsy.

Finally, some shuttles.

Never done this before. I used modge podge and sealed with polyurethane. They're nice and smooth to the touch. Perhaps, I should invest in some matte polyurethane. The shine detracts from the look.

Some with paper. Not so pretty. I need to work on it.

That's it for today!
School in 3 days!
I'm gonna keep on rhyming
if you think it's okay.
Okay, no more,
I'm becoming a bore;
I guess that's why
I probably shouldn't blog at four.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Last Few Days of Being Free (Lots of tatting)

From school that is! I start class on Monday. It's going to be a difficult schedule, but I'm looking forward to it. It's the first time I've been able to get challenging classes. Last semester I got simple ones. Tennis. Ugh! Also, my first B in like 2 years. Yeahhh, not quite an athlete.

I won't be putting up much pleasure-tatting (motifs for no reason), but I will be doing other things. I've been working on some of my own patterns. So you'll definitely be seeing some of those!

For the first time, I tried needle tatting split rings. I'm not 100% sure how to do them and the tutorial I was reading only covered the first ring, a technique that DOES NOT work for the rest of the rings. So I made up my own method and made some rings. These are not starched at all, so excuse the messiness.

Side notes: I have rowdy cats with sharp nails.

Love how the pink/orange came out! These are all threads that I dyed.

This is the Celtic Flower from Celtic Tatting: Knots and Patterns. I used hunter green #830 from Majestic in size 80 and Lizbeth Blue River Glades size 80. The second picture is how it's supposed to look.

Mine turned out to look less Celtic. I just looks normally tatted. Like it's connected to something even though it's not.

I dyed some thread! All size 80. I only found a few colors, but that's good enough for me. Happy!

A snowflake (Book is in a different language, so I don't know what it's called) in one of the colorways. It's kind of like a sunset. I think I'll be avoiding white spaces from now on. I don't particularly like the look. It was absolutely horrible to block. I think I might try again so tame those stubborn chains and picots.

A tiny motif from Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton. It calls for 5 repeats, but with 4, it's perfect. I didn't even need to block at all. I only starched it so that it would maintain it's integrity. I like this thread a lot more.

Here's a question: What do you do with all of your motifs? I'm thinking of getting a big foam board, covering it with a plain fabric and mounting it on the wall. Then I'll pin on all of my motifs with a tiny note that mentions the pattern/date/etc. It would be a way to showcase them and look sort of vintagey and cool as art.