Friday, January 11, 2013

Shuttles and crochet.

These have been hanging from my ears like every day for weeks. A long time ago, I just crocheted random flowers and things from my mind. Two or three weeks ago, I decided to clean out that box and almost threw these away. But I decided to starch them. They sat on my desk for a few days and I thought "SEQUINS!". Sewed a neat circle of opalescent sequins in the middle. Voila! Every day. They're so pretty. And they keep their shape surprisingly well with no stiffener. Now if only I could remember what exactly I did.....

Speaking of crochet, while I was bored last week, I decided to crochet some miniatures.

They're plain, but I had the idea of adding tatting to them. I just need to felt them first. They're made of fishermen's wool. While making these, I realized just how much I ruined making socks for myself. Even crocheting teeny tiny ones, made my mind go antsy.

Finally, some shuttles.

Never done this before. I used modge podge and sealed with polyurethane. They're nice and smooth to the touch. Perhaps, I should invest in some matte polyurethane. The shine detracts from the look.

Some with paper. Not so pretty. I need to work on it.

That's it for today!
School in 3 days!
I'm gonna keep on rhyming
if you think it's okay.
Okay, no more,
I'm becoming a bore;
I guess that's why
I probably shouldn't blog at four.....


  1. It's amazing how creative and artistic you are and that your mind never rests! It's nice to see so much enthusiasm for your many crafts, especially at your young age! I kind of envy the opportunities you have with so much available. However I remember when the bigger craft stores were built (way before the internet) and i felt overwhelmed just walking in there (and still do!) I'm not sure I would have learned as much as I did about knitting at a young age. There weren't as many distractions or availability of supplies in other crafts! Love the shuttles!

  2. Love the shuttles! I like the shine. I guess it goes well with the glitter I like to use. However, I also like the matte finish.