Sunday, February 24, 2013

Margarita and Luck be a Lady Thread

I've been getting back into the dyeing swing of things. I need to set up another winding machine like I had before. Easy to build and so efficient. That means that I have to sit down and wind by hand for an hour every night. Short on time, I only have two color-ways that I like enough to list.

So, presenting.....

Luck be a lady

This is a St. Patrick's Day color-way. There are several shades of green and then a splash of purple. I wanted to do a different take on the typical greens. I think it turned out nice and delicate. The picture doesn't quite depict the shades of green.


This is a rich, tropical color-way. Pink, orange, and yellow with an icy blue. It's very fruity and cheery.

The skeins are all size 20, 50 yards. Click on the link or picture to visit the page.

$5 each with $1.70 flat rate, tracked shipping.


  1. Love those colorways, Anita, especially the Margarita. I wonder how they'll look tatted.....

  2. These are really lovely--so glad you're dying thread again.