Wednesday, February 13, 2013

School Doily #2

I finished this last night. This is the first doily I've been able to complete 100%. My other ones were at most stopped a row short, so this is an accomplishment! The pictures aren't very good, as I got home while it was still dark today but really wanted to post this. The outer petals have the stitch that confused me. FPT I think they were called. I figured it out, and I like it! Nice, thick lace.

This doily measures just over a foot wide. It is #3 Sunflower Bloom in the book Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies. I went to JoAnn to see if they had any more doily books. Not a one! So I ordered a book with 99 doily patterns from Amazon. Can't wait!

I've started on my next. It will be my first oval doily, but might take a while.


  1. There are a lot of free patterns on the Internet. One of my favorite sites is A google search should yield lots of dozily patterns- even low of old fashioned vintage patterns.

  2. Beautiful, well done for finishing!

  3. That is very pretty, you do nice work. there are a lot of free pattern books at the they download as pdf's I suspect they will be in antique notation instead of graphs, but you should be able to figure them out.