Monday, March 25, 2013

Awesome Walls, Messy Tatting, and Broken Heartstrings


I don't like posting unblocked tatting because it's just so messy, but sometimes it's a must.

Finally, I got out of my crocheting thing (for a little bit, I'm sure) and back into tatting, woohoo! Unfortunately for me, I have two projects in the works that need to be completed before I can move on. The first is this beautiful edging that I forgot about. It's really crumpled because I wrap it in the hanky and stuff it in the ball of thread for safekeeping. Not the best, but not terrible, right? This handkerchief was supposed to be a gift for my boyfriend last year. I'm sure he won't mind.

There's only one side completely done, but I'm making lots of progress since it's size 30.

Now, this is extremely disappointing. You know the Miracle Doily? Well, I'm doing it in size 80. Can you please please please tell me how to work with size 80 properly? It's so stressful. Always a struggle to close the rings, even if I let the shuttle dangle as long as it wants. I'm on the last (and very beautiful row) and THIS happened! GRRRR.

Tips would be SOOO appreciated. I have quite a few size 80 balls of thread and I'd like to actually enjoy working with it. I think the edging above is what upset me. The tatting is nice and smooth. No snags. Sticking to size 30, 40, and 50 after this.

Motifs are the definition of fun, especially square motifs! When I was dyeing thread, I had a lot of blank spots on my test skein, so I just threw some extra dye all over it, expecting something ugly. This was the product.

Pretty! It's strange, but nice. I think I misjudged my middle picots. Still getting back into the swing of it. I think it'd be interesting to someday do a mat made out of this patter, since the squares are so perfect.

Now, for non-tatting things.

I wrote my first crochet pattern. It's simple, but fun. I have it up for free on Ravelry, but I doubt that's of any interest in the tatting community.

My last, and most interesting, picture.

I'm working on jazzing up an old, messy house right now. It needs a lot of TLC, a little more than I feel up to every day. So for a little inspiration, I decided to create my special wall. It's an idea that I got from a picture a long time ago. It's always been in my head. I finally got to bring it to life.

I didn't zoom out more because the house is a wreck right now, but you get most of the wall in the top picture. It took a lot of tape, a little paint, and about 4 miserable hours. Before all the tape came off, I was almost crying because I saw it getting soggy and thought it would be ruined. But, voila! It surprised even me. The edges are jagged, but it adds to the effect so much, it's like I did it on purpose.


Midterm week and spring break are over. Didn't do too hot in history, it turns out. I expected that. I did, however, get an A on my Algebra midterm. My worst high school subject is now one of my best. Who'd've thunk?

Thanks for listening to my ranting and rambling!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Northern Lights and Spring Break!

So it's officially spring break. Last week, I had 6 midterms and one paper due. It wasn't actually all that hectic, as opposed to worrying. I don't think I did very well in anatomy or history, but everything else is good.

This week has been designated as cleaning/dyeing/gardening week. I need to get everything done NOW. Otherwise, I'll have to wait until summer!

To kick off spring break, I dyed a new color-way called Northern Lights:

I love how it came out! I need to tat a sample soon, but I already know it's going to be pretty. 

There are two more color-ways on the way. They aren't as pretty as this one, but they're sort of unique.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pixie Dust and Evergreen

I finally (finally) was able to catch the sun for some pictures of this thread. I'm glad I waited. I got some nice accurate, clear pictures, and listed everything on etsy.

Some very calm greens. It's a slow, smooth transition. 

Pixie Dust. My favorite!
It turned out soooo pretty. I only dyed size 20, so I guess I'll be trying my first crochet size 20 Doily soon. 

My latest doily. I didn't take a very good picture of it, but it turned out really nicely. It took a lot longer than the other ones because I didn't get too much crochet time this week. Too bad.. 

I started tatting my Miracle doily again. It's the last row, so I'm making a rule for myself: no new projects until the Miracle doily is done. 

Now I won't have anything new for a while. 6 midterms next week, therefore my weekend is wholly accounted for. 

Wish me luck! 

Monday, March 4, 2013


Today, I picked up my newest (and last, for a long time) addition to my little animal family. I picked her out on Saturday at the pound and got to retrieve her from the vet today! She's a sweet little thing. She'll make a good dog.

There's just one issue.

She was hurt badly. Not by another dog or a car or anything. She was hurt by a person. And not only a person, but the person that was supposed to take care of her. I'm sure you're aware of the ear-cropping trend that been around for, oh, hundreds of years. It's slowly losing popularity due to conscientious owners and vets that insist it's not necessary in any way. Because of this resistance on vets' part, it's become pretty expensive at between $400 and $600. The cost drives some owners to just do it on their own; and that's what poor Josie's owner decided to do.

She has the sweetest face that should be framed by a pair of floppy ears, but, alas, they are gone forever. Her tail was also hacked off. Even more unfortunately, the neglectful owner's action were in vain. He/she threw her out onto the streets with fresh wounds that are still healing. Poor Josie! 

I truly wonder what the situation was. Perhaps they did a bad job and thought they would get charged with a crime so they just let her loose. Or maybe she was one of a litter of puppies that the breeder wanted to dress up for prospective customers. I hope it was the first one.

Josie weighs 12 pounds at almost three months old. My older pit bull, Delilah, weighed 16 pounds at two months. Who knows what this little dog has gone through, but she needs a lot of love, food, and joy. Yes, that should do the trick!

Now, on a less morbid thought, I dyed a couple more threads for my crocheting hobby:

I'm really excited to use the first one. It looks a lot prettier in person!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

School Doilies #7, 8, 9, & 10

Boy, have I been enjoying crocheting these little doilies. It's such a pleasant experience. Easy, quiet, fast. What's not to love?

It's especially enjoyable because I've been dyeing the thread that I've been crocheting with.

Here are some of my recent threads:

The pinks looks similar but they aren't. The middle one is bright pink and bright purple. The lower one is much more subtle with magenta and a lighter pink. What I've learned from crocheting with multi-colored thread is that if the colors are drastically different, the pattern will be difficult to see. That means that my current challenge is coming up with similar,yet interesting, colorways. Very fun!

Here are my doilies of the past couple weeks:

Done with the aforementioned purple and pink thread. See how beautifully the similar colors work with the pattern as not to be distracting? This is one of the bigger doilies in my new book. Love it! 

A smaller doily. Maybe 30 yards at most. The last row drove me nuts, so I made it up myself. No too shabby. 

Had a few leftover yards, so I did the first few rows of another little doily. It turned out to be beautiful. When my house is more organized, I might make several of these to use as coasters. 

Funny story about this thread. I found the skein and wound it up a few weeks ago. Then, while crocheting with it, I just kept thinking about how gosh darn pretty this thread was and how come I didn't make more. Then, one day, it hit me. My COUSIN dyed this. My 6 year old cousin dyed this gorgeous thread. I guess similar colors make good neighbors. 

This pattern is so pretty. I love the petals, but I hate the outside edge. It looks too messy. Eh. Better luck next time.

Side note: I rescued a puppy. I get to pick her up on Monday! Lots of pictures to come.