Monday, March 4, 2013


Today, I picked up my newest (and last, for a long time) addition to my little animal family. I picked her out on Saturday at the pound and got to retrieve her from the vet today! She's a sweet little thing. She'll make a good dog.

There's just one issue.

She was hurt badly. Not by another dog or a car or anything. She was hurt by a person. And not only a person, but the person that was supposed to take care of her. I'm sure you're aware of the ear-cropping trend that been around for, oh, hundreds of years. It's slowly losing popularity due to conscientious owners and vets that insist it's not necessary in any way. Because of this resistance on vets' part, it's become pretty expensive at between $400 and $600. The cost drives some owners to just do it on their own; and that's what poor Josie's owner decided to do.

She has the sweetest face that should be framed by a pair of floppy ears, but, alas, they are gone forever. Her tail was also hacked off. Even more unfortunately, the neglectful owner's action were in vain. He/she threw her out onto the streets with fresh wounds that are still healing. Poor Josie! 

I truly wonder what the situation was. Perhaps they did a bad job and thought they would get charged with a crime so they just let her loose. Or maybe she was one of a litter of puppies that the breeder wanted to dress up for prospective customers. I hope it was the first one.

Josie weighs 12 pounds at almost three months old. My older pit bull, Delilah, weighed 16 pounds at two months. Who knows what this little dog has gone through, but she needs a lot of love, food, and joy. Yes, that should do the trick!

Now, on a less morbid thought, I dyed a couple more threads for my crocheting hobby:

I'm really excited to use the first one. It looks a lot prettier in person!



  1. Oh, I just want her so bad. She is so pretty and looks like she is going to exude joy for years!!!! Such a lovely lady.

  2. How wonderful that you have welcomed Josie into you heart and your home. May you share many happy years together.
    Lovely HDTs!