Saturday, March 2, 2013

School Doilies #7, 8, 9, & 10

Boy, have I been enjoying crocheting these little doilies. It's such a pleasant experience. Easy, quiet, fast. What's not to love?

It's especially enjoyable because I've been dyeing the thread that I've been crocheting with.

Here are some of my recent threads:

The pinks looks similar but they aren't. The middle one is bright pink and bright purple. The lower one is much more subtle with magenta and a lighter pink. What I've learned from crocheting with multi-colored thread is that if the colors are drastically different, the pattern will be difficult to see. That means that my current challenge is coming up with similar,yet interesting, colorways. Very fun!

Here are my doilies of the past couple weeks:

Done with the aforementioned purple and pink thread. See how beautifully the similar colors work with the pattern as not to be distracting? This is one of the bigger doilies in my new book. Love it! 

A smaller doily. Maybe 30 yards at most. The last row drove me nuts, so I made it up myself. No too shabby. 

Had a few leftover yards, so I did the first few rows of another little doily. It turned out to be beautiful. When my house is more organized, I might make several of these to use as coasters. 

Funny story about this thread. I found the skein and wound it up a few weeks ago. Then, while crocheting with it, I just kept thinking about how gosh darn pretty this thread was and how come I didn't make more. Then, one day, it hit me. My COUSIN dyed this. My 6 year old cousin dyed this gorgeous thread. I guess similar colors make good neighbors. 

This pattern is so pretty. I love the petals, but I hate the outside edge. It looks too messy. Eh. Better luck next time.

Side note: I rescued a puppy. I get to pick her up on Monday! Lots of pictures to come.


  1. you are doing very, very well with your doilies. You are correct that drastic color changes can hide the look of the actual design.

  2. It'd be great if you would dye some subtle greens for tatters to buy....
    For st. Paddy's day.

  3. Pretty doilies and seeing what you have done!

  4. The wonderful thing about dyeing your own thread is that you can choose how drastic or subtle the colour changes are. I think in tatting too drastic changes sometimes obscure the pattern. Good job.

  5. Wonderful doilies and fabulous colors!!! :)