Monday, April 15, 2013

In which I talk about myself... Tiny Update. No Pictures.

This is what has been going on in my life lately for those interested:

For a while I was crocheting during lectures, but I decided to up my game and fully concentrate. School is ridiculous. I have two research papers, a presentation, and tons of Algebra homework. However, I would be lying to you if I said that I didn't enjoy math. That has been the major discovery of my college experience thus far: I love math! Who'd have thought? I got a 91%(ugh) on my last exam because I didn't study or particularly know what I was doing. It seems a little dramatic to say "ugh" about a 91, but the way I see it is that I was only a couple points away from getting a B. You can really only be happy about an A if you are safely in the "A range".

Another Algebra exam is on Wednesday. I have gone over every covered section multiples times. I'm challenging myself to get at least 95%. Also, this time I'm going to get a "distraction free environment" and "time and a half" because a doctor decided that I have ADHD. Not totally sure if I believe that, but I might as well take advantage of what I can get from it.

Speaking of math, after this semester, I have a week long break and then a 5 week, 4 days a week, 4 hours a day long Plane Trigonometry course (I am honestly excited). Followed by a similarly long American Sign Language course. Needless to say, best summer ever! Then back to the Fall semester nitty gritty.

Oh, and my History teacher totally hates me for the following reasons:

  • She implied that she thinks I don't pay attention (I do!)
  • I got an iffy grade on my midterm (It wasn't clear what we were covering....)
  • I turned in my research paper draft 2 days late (This was my fault, I know. But I had it done. I just had written the wrong date in my planner. I also emailed her the exact moment that I realized what happened.)

Not to mention, she thinks my name is "uh-NEE-kuh". I would hate someone with that name too. It's "ON-ihhh-kuh", just for the record.

That makes me pretty sad, but I hope my research paper changes her mind about me.

That's about it. I only think about school. 24/7. I'm obsessed with good grades.

Who needs drugs when they can have As?

Okay, this nerd is out....


  1. Oh to have a class full of Annikas!

  2. good luck with your studies, and great that you decided you like Maths.
    Do you have some goals as to what you want to do with those math skills?
    Sometimes, not matter what we try we end up "messing up" sounds like that is what is happening in history. Let's hope next semester will be better.
    Have fun with Trig and the Sign language.

  3. Math? Really? Just kidding... I am math challenged, and I realize it every time a middle school student asks me for help with homework. Yes, it truly is time for me to retire!

    I doubt that your History teacher hates you. Unfortunately, over the years we teachers see way too many students who appear to not pay attention, do poorly on assignments/tests when we know they can do better, and miss deadlines for a variety of reasons. Some of us do a better job of masking our frustration than others. Deep down we know that life sometimes gets in the way of students achieving their best. Just keep putting your best foot forward, and I'm sure you and your History teacher will be able to enjoy the class and each other.