Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Construction Worker/Tatter/Crocheter/Doctor for the Summer

I have no artsy stuff to show for myself today. This weekend was absolutely nuts. Tons of grouting, digging, cutting, organizing, cleaning, and a million other things. I finished tiling most of the living room (isn't all grouted as you'll notice) and some of the kitchen, leaving only about 140 square feet left. Not a big deal. The main reason why I wanted to get at least most of the living room done was that my dad was coming over to build an inside and outside pen for the dogs.

For some reason, I completely forgot to take pictures of the completed outside pen, but it looks pretty amazing. My dad never does anything short of perfection. This inside pen isn't complete, but boy is it nice. The door is spring loaded, so I don't have to worry about the doggies running past me. The entire frame is so stable, it's ridiculous. To top it off, it's not even anchored into the floor. It's 100% anchored to the wall and is therefore completely removable if we ever didn't need it.

The floor isn't complete around the edges and I still need to clean the grout haze. My dad said I did a good job, but we're going to wait until next weekend so he can help me finish, since my tile scorer decided to die.

Now for pictures of random things.

My kitty, Harvey, has been enjoying the downstairs a lot more now that the dogs are penned up. 

Sweet little Josie begging to come inside the house during construction. She certainly has innocence in her face. While I'm sure she has a lot of pit bull in her, there's got to be something else. What do you think? Someone said she looked like a Doberman. 

Delilah dug the biggest hole I've ever seen. She made it into a cave/house for herself to escape the heat. I'm glad she can't dig anymore in her new pen! I was so scared of this collapsing on her. 

Stop reading if you're squeamish!  (It's not that bad)

If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit scatter brained. I start a lot of projects. While I do finish most of them, I work very fast. Unfortunately for me, some projects shouldn't be rushed. While installing the living room tiles, I made a straight cut on an edge tile. There was a little edge leftover, but no big deal. I would get that corner with the tile nippers. In a split second, said tile slipped and dug into my knee. 


Right before my eyes, I saw my foolish mistake. The gash was not long, but was very deep and the skin wasn't sealing. I knew it was stitches time. Still in DIY mode, I thought "I can do that myself!!!" So, if you'd like to see my stitches, scroll down. 

I used an itty bitty beading needle (sterilized, of course. And I lost it, so I should probably get more for this very purpose.) and some plastic thread that I got years ago and never used. As you can see, the wound is very tiny, but my skin scars up way too easily. A wound this deep would have left me marked for life. 

This happened on Friday. Silly me, I decided on Sunday that I probably didn't need them and I removed one of the edge stitches. Immediately, the wound tried to open again. So I guess they are helping after all. I shall remove the other two in a week. *sigh* 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I DO love tatting!

For a while, I had thought that maybe tatting wasn't my thing. Recently, however, I've felt a new enthusiasm. I even completed a doily!!!

I am very happy with this doily, despite my messy joins. This is the first doily I've done with alternating colors. The threads are Lizbeth. The pattern is from Tatting Patterns and Designs. While the book has a ton of great designs, the doilies usually don't lay right. You have to give them some serious manipulation.

Tatting something so time consuming wasn't as terrible as I remember. There was no point at which I was miserable. Maybe I'm growing up?

I've also been playing with my tatting needles.

I love how needle tatting looks thick and plush, but it can never be as neat as shuttle tatting. This is from that snowflake book. The name escapes me at the moment.

Another from the aforementioned tatting book. A pretty mint bookmark for my grandma.

There is a missing picot on the tail because I couldn't force anymore stitches out of the tiny bit of thread left. Oops! I love this pattern so much.

Last tatting:

My 13 year old cousin requested some earrings. Unfortunately for me, her school only allows earrings smaller than a quarter, so I couldn't do anything too fancy. I looove the way beads over picots look. Thank you for all your bead-adding suggestions! I found myself a microscopic crochet hook. It doesn't even have a size on it, it's so small. 

Other things I've been up to:

My little sister is turning 5. So I painted a box and made a whole bunch of chocolate covered oreos. This gift made me extremely happy because it's not clutter. I hate giving clutter. She can actually use it after the goodies are gone. I also loved the little wrappers. I used washi tape to seal them. Though my cookies didn't turn out perfect, they look like a marbled them on purpose, which I did after a few failed batches. 

I painted a silly little portait. Her birthday was princess themed, so I wanted to reflect that. 

My grandma has an ancient crochet doily that I have started replicating. Crochet is not quite as easy to pick out as tatting, even though crochet is worlds easier. The doily is a bunch of motifs. I don't feel very enthusiastic about it. Probably won't finish for a long time.

Painted my other grandma a little card. 

Killed my stapler trying to attack the 30 pages documents I had to turn in for the end of my Spring Semester. 

Oh. For all wondering, I ended up pulling off a B in History! Woohoo! That means it counts as Honors and doesn't wreck my GPA, which is a climbing 3.75. So happy!!! 

For the first half of my summer, I'm taking an easy online course, so every in the house is GAME. I've been tackling everything, including some strange things. This is an old house. The flooring was poorly installed and ruined throughout the years. I decided to tackle the tile in the guest bathroom, singlehandedly. Don't judge, please! I try to keep everything immaculate, but there is just no way to pretty up an ugly floor. This is the "before", after removing the toilet, of course (again, by myself). 

See? Ewwww. How could they let that be the subfloor? 

With much effort and patience, I managed to install everything pretty well. 

I am clearly not an expert tile cutter, but the toilet hole will be covered. Tub still needs some scrubbing, but, man, am I proud! Also, the seams are icky too. They'll be covered by the new baseboard. 

This project left me so confident that I've started on the living room too. Now knowing what I'm doing, it's going so well. It looks beautiful! There will definitely be pictures very soon. Just call me "Anika: Jack of all Trades."