Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Construction Worker/Tatter/Crocheter/Doctor for the Summer

I have no artsy stuff to show for myself today. This weekend was absolutely nuts. Tons of grouting, digging, cutting, organizing, cleaning, and a million other things. I finished tiling most of the living room (isn't all grouted as you'll notice) and some of the kitchen, leaving only about 140 square feet left. Not a big deal. The main reason why I wanted to get at least most of the living room done was that my dad was coming over to build an inside and outside pen for the dogs.

For some reason, I completely forgot to take pictures of the completed outside pen, but it looks pretty amazing. My dad never does anything short of perfection. This inside pen isn't complete, but boy is it nice. The door is spring loaded, so I don't have to worry about the doggies running past me. The entire frame is so stable, it's ridiculous. To top it off, it's not even anchored into the floor. It's 100% anchored to the wall and is therefore completely removable if we ever didn't need it.

The floor isn't complete around the edges and I still need to clean the grout haze. My dad said I did a good job, but we're going to wait until next weekend so he can help me finish, since my tile scorer decided to die.

Now for pictures of random things.

My kitty, Harvey, has been enjoying the downstairs a lot more now that the dogs are penned up. 

Sweet little Josie begging to come inside the house during construction. She certainly has innocence in her face. While I'm sure she has a lot of pit bull in her, there's got to be something else. What do you think? Someone said she looked like a Doberman. 

Delilah dug the biggest hole I've ever seen. She made it into a cave/house for herself to escape the heat. I'm glad she can't dig anymore in her new pen! I was so scared of this collapsing on her. 

Stop reading if you're squeamish!  (It's not that bad)

If you haven't noticed, I'm a bit scatter brained. I start a lot of projects. While I do finish most of them, I work very fast. Unfortunately for me, some projects shouldn't be rushed. While installing the living room tiles, I made a straight cut on an edge tile. There was a little edge leftover, but no big deal. I would get that corner with the tile nippers. In a split second, said tile slipped and dug into my knee. 


Right before my eyes, I saw my foolish mistake. The gash was not long, but was very deep and the skin wasn't sealing. I knew it was stitches time. Still in DIY mode, I thought "I can do that myself!!!" So, if you'd like to see my stitches, scroll down. 

I used an itty bitty beading needle (sterilized, of course. And I lost it, so I should probably get more for this very purpose.) and some plastic thread that I got years ago and never used. As you can see, the wound is very tiny, but my skin scars up way too easily. A wound this deep would have left me marked for life. 

This happened on Friday. Silly me, I decided on Sunday that I probably didn't need them and I removed one of the edge stitches. Immediately, the wound tried to open again. So I guess they are helping after all. I shall remove the other two in a week. *sigh* 

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